Must have PHP framework to build Next Generation Websites

PHP frameworks assist developers to write clean and reusable codes. They work with MVC pattern to ensure the clear division of logic and presentation. But different developers prefer a different type of PHP frameworks according to their needs; some prefer performance, other for built-in functions and rest for better documentation.


In this Article, we’re going to highlight some of the best PHP frameworks that a developer must consider while creating a unique website. These frameworks can help the developer to code efficiently and develop a dynamic website and amazing web apps. A good PHP framework can help the developer to create applications and websites quickly and with more simplicity. They enable the team to make code understandable, coordinate better, and built a site that is robust and secure.

PHP Frameworks that a developer must have to create a website:


Laravel is considered as one of the best PHP framework available in the market to design a site or web app. It is an open source framework that has taken PHP to a next level. Laravel framework is well documented and present in a readable format that works with SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, and Postgres, etc. very well.


It is a rapidly growing framework in PHP that provides a design for developing, deploying and maintaining the sites and applications. Developers don’t require writing lot of codes within this framework as it uses standard design patterns such as OPM and MVC, it helps to reduce the cost of developing the websites as well.


It is an open PHP framework that is simple and well designed. Codeigniter is a power pack framework that can develop next generation web apps and sites easily. It is a fast and simple compared to other PHP frameworks available, as it makes the codes portable.

Fuel PHP

FuelPHP is a comfortable, flexible and lightweight framework that is driven by a huge community. It stands out in the crowd with combining best features of great frameworks while getting rid of bad ones. FulePHP has been tested with Apache, Nginx and IIS, nowadays a lot of developers are using the source code and documentation.

Yii Framework

This open source framework is written in PHP5, it comes with amazing features such as authentication, MVC, caching, testing, access control and lot more. Yii framework is consisting of rich characteristics that are good for creating the website and web apps like social networking sites.

With these five must have PHP frameworks, it will be comfortable for developers to come up with websites and web applications that are feature rich and can impress their targeted audience. Working with these frameworks, developers get the freedom and choice to create quality sites and web application with great concentration. There a number of robust frameworks available in PHP and it is tough to choose any one them.


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