Great Smartphone Apps for Developers and Designers

If you are a professional web developer or professional web designer, there are some really great iPhone and Android apps that you can put to use with your mobile broadband. Here is a list of some of the greatest apps for your phone. Professional Web Design is something that is really needed to make your business success.

Eight Great iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers

Web Design In a Nutshell

web designer in a nutshell
One of the best apps on the iPhone market for every web designer is Web Design in a Nutshell. This book covers some major advancements in the world of web design.

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CliqCliq Colors

This app makes selecting colours easy by offering web designers a colour palette to work with in any language and corresponding HEX codes that can then be incorporated in the coding.
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The Ruler iPhone app is something all web designers should have. What is great about this ruler is that it offers precision that a manual ruler does not.

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The Typography Manual

With typeface being more important than the colour scheme of a web site, this app helps web designers select the right typeface for each project they work on.

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Developers Tool Kit

developers toolkit
One iPhone app every web developer should download is the developer tool kit. It is especially useful for coding and can be online as well.

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Database Viewer Plus

The Database Viewer Plus app for iPhone is important because it allows web developers to access and open any Windows database and synchronize their phone with Oracle, Server and SQL on their iPhone.

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Python Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet allows web developers that often forget syntax to refresh their recollection fast by accessing a full list of commands anytime anywhere.

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The StoreIT iPhone app is a database creator that allows web developers to store and edit an entire database.

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Eight Great Android Apps For Web Designers and Developers

Photoshop Express

hotoshop app
The Photoshop Express Android app is perfect for anyone who uses Photoshop. Use this app to crop, apply and adjust the colour of photos whenever you need to.

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Typography Junkies

typography junkies
Designers who need instant access to a comprehensive guide on all the latest advancements in typography will find this Android app extremely useful.

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ActionScript Reference

This ActionScript Reference app helps developer save time by indexing AS3 data when working with either Flex or Flash.

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Color Palette

color palette
Web designers and developers that need instant information on colours will find this tool extremely resourceful.

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Google Analytics

google analytics
The Google Analytics App for your mobile will help you keep track of all the analytical data relevant on websites and blogs.

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Another important Android app is Flubble. This app will be of particular interest to Flash developers as it helps facilitate creating outlines and allows data to be saved in XML format or as an ActionScript file.

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WordPress Mobile

Developers and designers with an Android can use the WordPress app to maintain, edit and manage content and comments posted on their WordPress site via their mobile phone with mobile broadband.

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CSS Cheat Sheet

Another terrific app for the Android phone is the CSS Cheat Sheet. If you ever get stuck with CSS, then you need this app at your fingertips.

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Some of these apps are available on both iPhone and Android.

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