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Welcome Blink!!!

Well, This article is to introduce a new born baby in Browser Engine family which is named “Blink“. :)

As you all know right now we have 3 major browser engines which are Web-Kit, Gecko and Trident. Google chrome and safari uses Web-Kit, Mozilla uses gecko and trident is used by internet explorer. New guy is totally based on Web-Kit and soon it will found on all different versions of Chrome.

Welcome Blink!!!

photo credit: The.Handicapped.Stall via photopin cc

I am sure trident would be the most hated browser engine among web developers community.

I am sure most of the developers doesn’t much care about the browsers in much details. For them it’s just a software which lets them run their code. They just call them by their names but what really does matter is rendering engine which is built inside those software.

Does anyone knows how browser works? If your answer is NO then I would suggest reading this article by HTML5Rocks during 2011.

For now I would say Web-Kit have the most market shares but that does not mean that Gecko and Trident does not have good market share. It fact both are giving very good competition to Web-Kit.

In such situation when we have multiple Good competitor in market, will lead people to create a generalized version from those competitors. But at the end people will end up with one more competitor in market. Below image illustrate the same case. With the same scenario we have Blink now a days. Now let’s see we really have a Generalized version or we are end up with one more Browser Engine.

Browser Competition

For the Blink, their Team has come up with very good FAQ section, which will surely answer your most of the questions.

In a summary, let’s hope Blink will get a major change on Web to help users and web developers of course! and it will not end up with what is explained in above image.

Hey guys, Let us know what you think about this Blink, will it going to be a Major change in web or just one more Browser Engine in market to compete with others?

  • Cathlyn
    April 11, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    I would say this will go long way!!!!! Let’s hope for the best…


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