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Another mysterious doodle by Google

Google Doodle

I think this is the first time when Google have provided the interactive doodle on continues day on same domain (ie .uk).

Yes yesterday Google have releases the colored ball Google logo using html 5. And today Google have release the another nice logo. The new Google doodle, in which the grey logo colors itself in as you type.

A cryptic message on Google’s Twitter account gave the not-quite-explanation that ‘Our doodle is dressing up in its brightest colors for something exciting coming very soon…’

Google Doodle
Google Doodle

This can be found at google.co.uk. This behaves like below.

  1. When you go to google.co.uk, you will find Google logo in grey shade.
  2. But as you type in the search box, Google logo gets its original look.

This is another time when Google have not released the strong reason to its new logo, First one was on yesterday’s Colored Ball Google doodle.


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