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WordPress Themes with Skeuomorphic Elements

You’ve probably noticed how many websites are following the skeuomorphic trend now. It seems the main point of skeuomorphism is about making web pages look and feel like their real-world analogues. As a result, skeuomorphic websites look familiar to users even if they’re visiting them for the first time. For example, you enter patfallonmagic.com – a web page which is designed to look like a book – and you know that you will have to flick through the pages in order to navigate the website. Moreover, you will not be surprised if you even hear the sound of turning pages, but will have an experience similar to the one you would have if you would look through a real book.

Of course, as any other trend, skeuomorphism has both pros and cons. The good thing is that skeuomorphic websites look impressive and unique. Also, skeuomorphic elements make websites more intuitive and easy-to-use because they remind us of things we’re used to (notebooks, Polaroid images, boards, tables, old newspapers, etc).

As for the drawbacks, skeuomorphism is often mentioned as the trend that limits creativity and innovation. It has a lot to do with imitation, but it may happen so that users will not know the original thing being imitated and therefore they will be confused by the layout. Additionally, we can hardly recommend skeuomorphism to those of you who want to build lightweight and fast loading websites and applications.

If you want to know more about this trend, we suggest you to see an interactive infographics about skeuomorphism. And if want your site to be designed in accordance with the skeuomorphic style, then be sure to scroll down. Below you will find 20 WordPress themes with skeuomorphic elements (10 of them are free to use and the other ten are available at a competitive price). We hope you’ll enjoy them as they are not only good for inspiration, but also allow you to build skeuomorphic web pages fast and easy.

Free WP Themes



Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera

Paper Wall

paper wall





Wooden Fence

wooden fence



Food Recipe

Food Recipe





Premium WP Themes

Education Center

education center





Best Apps

best apps

Textured Layout

textured layout

Exterior Design

exterior design



Design Agency

design agency

Travel Blog

travel blog

Personal Blog

personal blog

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