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Secure Websites – Why Using an SSL Certificate is Important

There has been a big shift towards a more secured World Wide Web these past couple of years. Websites are not using SSL security to safeguard data transmissions to and from the server. Top names such as Google and Microsoft are pushing a more secured internet forward too; Google even started prioritizing secured websites in its search results.

Web Security

An SSL certificate is all you need to get started with securing your site. There are a number of independent certificate issuing companies that can help you get your site secured in no time. Why is using SSL certificate important? There are a number of reasons why SSL certificate is a must, including some benefits you wouldn’t want to miss.

Basic Authentication

One of the first functions of using an SSL certificate is to provide authentication. With an SSL certificate in place, users can rest assured knowing that the information they get is coming from the right server instead of an imposter. It works the other way around too. When user submits their information, such as login information or credit card details, they know for sure that the information is being sent to the right server.

Authentication is becoming more and more important due to the increase in phishing attacks. With over 70% of our lives now stored digitally, protecting information online is becoming very important. The presence of an SSL certificate and good implementation of SSL security adds that extra layer of confidence when browsing the web.

Speaking of confidence….

Trust and Credibility

A basic SSL certificate can now be acquired for free thanks to programs like Let’s Encrypt. The free SSL certificate will verify that the domain name access by users is hosted by the right server, providing an extra layer of security in the process. This is called a Domain Validated certificate and it’s the most basic type of SSL certificate on the market. A DV certificate, however, is not the only type of SSL certificate you can get today.

If you’re running an online store or a web service, you may want to consider getting an Organization Validated certificate or OV certificate. As you may have guessed, there are more verification steps to complete before you can acquire an OV certificate. The certificate issuing agency will also verify the existence of your business, either through direct confirmations or by relying on government databases.

OV certificates will display more information when clicked. It will verify that the domain is owned and run by the right company. For ecommerce websites, this establishes trust and increase credibility. Customers will feel more confident about making purchases on the online store.

Good for SEO

As mentioned before, Google and other big brands are starting to take active steps towards a more secured World Wide Web. One of those steps is prioritizing secured contents when displaying search results; Google, Bing and other popular search engines are starting to take the use of SSL certificate as one of the metrics when ranking websites for search results.

Adding a valid SSL certificate to your site alone can help boost SEO performance by a substantial margin. You will have to optimize the rest of the site for maximum performance, but the SSL security is a great start.

Safe Data Transmissions

Another key advantage of using a valid SSL certificate is encryption. The information transmitted to and from the server will not be vulnerable to theft and sniffing. Only end points with the right encryption key can decode the transmitted data.

That brings us back to the credit card details and personal information sent by customers to online stores. For ecommerce site owners, a good SSL security implementation is a must. It will help prevent cases of data leaks that can bring a successful online store to a close.

Direct Impact on Revenue

One of the things that prevent site owners from investing in a valid SSL certificate is price. A good certificate issued by a reputable body such as Verisign or Symantec can be rather expensive. That said, the verified certificate will also have a direct impact on sales and revenue, especially in the case of online stores.

A lot of studies have revealed that ecommerce sites that are covered with a valid SSL certificate entirely can expect a boost in sales of up to 20% in the first three months alone. The higher level of confidence customers have when browsing through secured sites make them more likely to complete their purchases without hesitation.

The SSL certificate will practically pay for itself. You don’t have to rely on expensive SSL certificates too. Some hosting companies are adding a free SSL certificate to certain service packages. The benefits of having a valid certificate, however, are indeed too good to miss. Get a good SSL certificate implemented today and start enjoying these benefits we have covered in this article.


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