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Google is testing their own car

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Google has announced today that they are testing the car which can drive them in traffic. This car is been tested by Google since last month in streets of California. This looks an unusual project for Google but it will be a big profit for the Google for sure.

This vehicle has been tested over 140,000 miles of California road, from Silicon Valley to Santa Monica. Each car has Google crew during the testing of the car.

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One person sits on Driver sit, to grab the immediate control on the car if something is going wrong with the system. On passenger sit, one person sits which is Google engineer who monitors the Software activity on computer.

This automated car use video cameras, radar sensors and laser range finder to ‘see’ other traffic, as we as detailed maps (This map Collected by Google by manually driven vehicle.) to navigate the road ahead. All these things are become possible by Google’s data centers, which can process the huge amount of information collected by car when mapping their terrain.

To develop this technology, Google have gathered some of the best engineers from the DARPA Challenges, a series of autonomous vehicle races organized by the U.S. Government. Chris Urmson was the technical Team Leader of the CMU team; Mike Montemerlo was the Software Lead for the Stanford team. The work of these and other engineers on the team is on display in the National Museum of America History.

Safety is the first priority in this project. This car was never tested without crew. They have always the trained safety drives behind the wheels who can grab the control over the car, and also one engineer who have full control over the software.

What do you think this technology will eventually be deployed, or is it just a pipe dream for Sergei and Larry? Let us know in the comments.

Source : Google Blog


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