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Google URL shortener service gets own website

Google URL Shortener Service

Google have introduced the URL Shortener (goo.gl) last December as a part of Google toolbar and Feed burner. In initial release Google have included this features into its own products like, News, Blogger, Maps, Picasa but as usual people have been asking for a direct way to use this service. So Google have given its own website to goo.gl. With goo.gl Google is suppose to build stable, most secure and fastest URL shortener on the web.

There are many good services available on web for URL shortening. So people might think that is really one more service required? But as usual Google have built this with focus on quality.

Google URL Shortener Service
Google URL Shortener Service

With goo.gl, every time you shorten a URL, you know it will work, it will work fast, and it will keep working. You also know that when you click a goo.gl shortened URL, you’re protected against malware, phishing and spam using the same industry-leading technology we use in search and other products. Since our initial release, we’ve continued to invest in the core quality of the service:

  • Stability: We’ve had near 100% uptime since our initial launch, and we’ve worked behind the scenes to make goo.gl even stable and more robust.
  • Security: We’ve added automatic spam detection based on the same type of filtering technology we use in Gmail.
  • Speed: We’ve more than doubled our speed in just over nine months.

If you sign-in to your Google Account, you’ll see a list of URLs you’ve shortened in the past. Click the “details” link next to any of shortened URL and you’ll find public, real-time analytics data, complete with traffic over time, top referrers, and visitor profiles. This can be a great way to better understand who’s interested in your links, how they’re finding them and when they’re reading.

There is also one extension available here for Google chrome to use this service.

Source : Google Social Web Blog


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