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Magento Product Types

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Magento has several types of products in their system. So this is the one of the good feature of the magento which help us to sell diffrent types of products under one website.

Here is the list of Magento Product Types:

  1. Simple Product
  2. Grouped Product
  3. Configurable Product
  4. Virtual Product
  5. Bundle Product
  6. Downloadable Product

1) Simple Product

This is the product type which we can say one size fits all. This means these type of product do not have any type of configuration. Example products are as below:

  • 12 CD Packs
  • 32″ LED Monitor

2) Grouped Product

Grouped product means you can sell more than one products in one bunch. So you can create a grouped product by the associated products tab from the admin panel.

Note: We can not set the price of the grouped product, for this we have to create new Shopping Cart Rule.

3) Configurable Product

Configurable products are such products which have multiple options to purchase. Like one T-Shirt have different sizes and colors and each one have diffrent prices. In this case you will create number of simple product with different options and associate those products with one configurable products.

4) Virtual Product

Virtual products are those that don’t have physical or digital existance. Also they do not ship and also can not be downloaded via any type of link. This products are like:

  • Product Subscription

5) Bundle Product

This is the best option when we let user to select the option they want. This might include products like :

  • Computer system

Note: In e-commerce languagae these types of products also known as “kit“.

6) Downloadable Product

Downloadable products are same as virtual products excepts they have ability to download any digital media file using any link. This might include product like:

  • Computer Software
  • Music MP3

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