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3 Benefits to Test Extensively All Along Mobile App Development

The state-of-the-art mobile app development industry has brought the whole world to our fingertips. The journey from playing snake to experiencing virtual reality has been truly magnificent. The amount of hard work and innovation, the people have contributed, will remain exemplary.

A Smartphone is something, each one of us carries and we all are very well apt to the level of technology these tech moguls have introduced. Significantly, increasing the demand for the high-end smartphones and reducing the efforts of the mankind, technology sharing brands are exponentially breaking and entering the new virtues of technical advancements.
On the other hand, people have become used to change over the past few years. The super paced mobile app development industry introduces so many unique and intriguing apps that people somehow get pulled to them. They interact with the new ones, some they keep and uninstall others.

So, why do they remove the application from their devices?

It’s pretty obvious, either the user found the User Interface as a plain disappointment or found a few bugs or glitches in the application that annoyed him/her.

To minimize circumstances like these, what should be the measures? How will you dispose of a bug-free application or an app with a brilliant user interface?

The solution is simple; incorporate extensive automated testing with the mobile app development process. Ask your Task-Driven Development team to provide you with a domain driven lean architecture even before you start with the functional coding. Meanwhile, the TDD team should be developing an automated test suite, which provides regular feedbacks regarding the quality of the application. On several platforms and devices, the app is put on automated testing for multiple times in a single day.

To utilize the full capacity of the automated tests, the automated UI tests are repeatedly added to the test suite. Proper scrutinizing of the mobile app is done in order to find out all the bugs degrading the quality of the application. Other than these impregnable quality tests, apps are also scrutinized for fine quality on every step of development.

So what do you achieve by running so many tests alongside the development of the apps?

Quality plays a crucial role in the success or downfall of any business, therefore, developing a quality app can be a profitable and right thing to do. Other reasons for investing in the quality of app are:

1. Minimized Bugs and Almost Ready to Hit the Market

If testing becomes a simultaneous process besides development, then you will find the fewest amount of last-minute problems at the acceptance test phase. Negligible additional time will be spent on finding and fixing bugs. Hence, the time period of the acceptance test phase is minimized and you will require lesser time-to-market your application.

2. Cost Effective

All the time, money and efforts spent on the fixing or finding of the bugs in the app will be eliminated with automated tests. The design will be far more superior and the maintenance will be easier and on the lower side. Software covered with automated testing will always be feasible even to alter or to update. Manual regression testing will not require much time or effort as it will be very easy to figure the regression. Overall, ownership of the application will cost legitimate to you.

3. Better Returns

As the quality of the mobile app enhances, there is a significant increase in the satisfaction level of the users. People will love your app when they will experience a bug-free application with user-friendly Interface. But your money and efforts will be in vain if the app fails to satisfy them. Therefore, extensive testing during mobile app development will keep the quality of the app high, which will further result in a successful product in the market leading to better and quick ROI.

According to Ajay Seth, C.E.O of Syon Infomedia, Mobile App Development Company, “I am really happy that people understand the value of the time & efforts that developers and their whole team put to carry out an innovative and game-changing application. Since the competition in the industry is quite fierce, we make sure that we don’t leave any stone unturned and work hard to achieve our targets. My team is pretty aggressive and streamlined about their responsibilities, which helps them deal with every obstacle in the way. Their experience and ideology have brought us to such greater heights. Their way of using automated testing as a tool to create the best and high-quality apps has truly uplifted our position in the industry. Hope our little secret will help you make better apps for the future.”


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