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Unleashing The List of Best Java Libraries for Developers

It has been rightly said that you can’t do the job right without the right set of tools. And if you are a Java developer then you must be knowing how important the tools and libraries could be. Fortunately, there are plenty of Java libraries available that make it simpler for you to write Java code- and help you make your Java based projects efficient and successful.

In this post, we are going to reveal a list of some of the most popular Java libraries for a variety of applications. All of them offer vast amounts of functionality, and come bundled with superb design and coding tools.

So, without much ado, let’s have a look at each of them:

Internal Libraries

1. Java.lang

The java.lang is an highly efficient JavaScript library which features a set of specific classes and interfaces that are crucial for getting the grasp of the core Java language. One of the most highlighted classes of this package are Object, which is the main source of class hierarchy, and Class, which represent classes during run time.

2. Java.util

It’s a useful library with several generic java utilities including collections framework, formatted printing, scanning, event model, and more.

3. Java.io

Java.io comes complete with various classes that handle and manage crucial input and output operations in Java. The classes are divided into multiple categories and are specifically designed to perform the functions related to that category.

4. Java.net

Java.net library is a rich source of multiple classes and interfaces that provide you a solid framework for working with Java networks. The Java.net package can be split into two sections: a low level API and a high level API. Low level is dedicated for the classes such as InetAddress whereas high is developed for working with URL, URI URL connection, and HTTPUrlConnection.

5. Java.security

Java.security library comes packed with multiple classes that provide users with a better facility to encrypt a file with the help of a provided key. The library is compatible for cryptograph and digital signature.

6. Java.sql

Jav.sql is a library which features all the SQL related classes and interfaces. The library is also great in providing the API for accessing and processing data saved in the data source.

Utility Libraries

7. Apache Common Collections

The Apache Common Collections comes complete with many powerful data structures that help you speed up the process of developing competitive Java applications. It also provides a handy collection of various tools and utility methods that help you enhance development related objects effectively and efficiently.


8. Google Guava

Google Guava is basically an open-source set of common libraries used in Java. The tool is developed by Google and was formerly known as Google Collections. It’s an extremely helpful library for performing miscellaneous functions and classes. It also features the options for string manipulation, primitives support, and convenient input and output functions.


9. Apache IO- Input Output Utilities

Apache IO is all what you need to streamline your project related operations easily in your JavaScript based projects. Its several friendly utility methods have also been integrated in the latest Java versions.


XML Manipulation Libraries

10. Apache Common Digester for XML

Apache Digester is an XML to Java mapping utility library which is quite popular among JavaScript developers. This feature-rich library is designed specifically to be used in XML communication using Java. It helps you read XML configuration files and their data.


11. JSoup

JSoup is a highly efficient JavaScript library that provides you a real-time environment to work with HTML. It offers a user-friendly API structure for extracting and manipulating data by using methods provided by DOM, CSS, and jquery.


XML Parsers

12. JDom

JDom is a highly sought-after parser library used by the developers worldwide for parsing XML files.


13. Dom4J

A user-friendly, open-source library that provides you one of the best methods for exploring XML, XPath, and XSLT within Java based projects.


JSON Libraries

14. Gson

Gson is a popular JavaScript library that can be used for converting Java based objects into JSON representation. The library also provides tools for converting JSON string to an equivalent Java based object. The library is also compatible to work with a variety of in-built components for which you haven’t provided any source code.


15. XStream

XStream is a simple to use library that helps you organize the objects of XML and JSON files.


Chart and Graph Libraries in Java

16. JFree Chart

JFree Chart is a popular and free Java chart library which lets developers build professional quality charts in their applications.


17. JasperReports

JasperReports is a solid library which provides developers ability to create excellent graphs and charts quickly.


Wrapping Up

So, with this we are ending our list of some highly efficient Java libraries for developers. Hopefully, you find the post useful and will use it as a reference whenever you sit with your Java tools.


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