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Magento 1 Vs Magento 2 [Infographic]

It is often seen as a matter of conflict between Magento 2 users when it comes to Magento 2 migration. Since its release, Magento 2 has dominated the ecommerce market with its state of the art design, superior coding and latest features. However, migrating to Magento 2 has been held by many insecurities that have not yet been addressed. We will address all the reasons to tell why you are missing the new platform in this infographic compiled and designed by FMEextensions – a Magento custom development agency.

Faster is Better

In the older versions of Magento 2, speed was quite the disagreement. But thanks to the superior coding practices of Magento developers, the new version has wiped all records of slow page loading and delayed checkout process. Magento 2 now loads pages 50% faster than Magento 1x. The checkout process has also improved and now runs 38% faster than the previous versions. The page loading has been significantly reduced and set to benchmark of maximum 2 seconds. This means Magento 2 merchants no longer need to suffer increased bounce rates and shopping cart abandonment due to sluggish page loading and broken checkout process. With the new coding techniques, the Magento 2 can take on orders 117% more orders compared to the older versions without breaking a sweat. Its now capable of handling heavier loads than it used, but without compromising the user experience. With its notched up performance in speed, it can now take up to 2.1 million more page views per hour.

Speed is a significant improvement in the new version, but not the only improvement. Magento 2 now features much safer transactions with secured payment gateways through its enhanced modular structure. Merchants can use SEO feature more freely and effectively to rank their web pages and get better results in faster periods. The back office is also simplified and streamlined compared to the previous admin panel. The navigation is compact with elegantly designed panel. Any merchant can use it without needing any technical skills or prior experience. To view more information about Magento 2, see the infographic below.



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